Candid audience…

14th February, 2009 – Kandy

and so, there are some people of no consequence to us whatsoever, who make a pleasant, lingering impression, without intending to do so.

What’s so special about this random ‘everyday’ sort of boy, who got off an outstation bound bus, to reach the mango stall? ; Who in a matter of minutes seemed to grow into the shoe of the mango vendor. Adapt that same kind of voice and tone… or maybe a better tone for that matter, and yell “amba amba amba. Amba laabai, amba laabai”. Such an infectious spirit – refreshing persona. Before you knew it, there was a throng around the stall! All of a sudden the dormant pavement is buzzing with activity. Such an animated show – such an enthralled audience… for a humble tropical fruit; ‘the mango’. And then, just as sporadically as it had all begun, as that outstation bound bus thought it fit to continue its journey, the boy leaves too. Oh so abruptly! His mischievous smile, his unruly hair, the rickety old pair of rubber slippers (seen better days I suppose), the baggy denim jeans, and some rustic looking t-shirt … gone. The nonchalance gone with a nod of the cap and a tilt of the head. The bus swishes past.

Once again the old mango vendor continues chopping fruits. Such monotony. Once again the pavement resumes its inanimate state. Salmon-packed blind vehicles glare at him. An occasional passer-by stops to buy fruit – no exchanged words… just money… and maybe an acknowledging nod. I write, wondering how many of these ’everyday’ sort of boys do we happen to come across, every day? (Silence) Perhaps, he’s a February 14th ’09 sort of guy. I promise myself, if ever I see him again, I’ll walk up to him and say ’Hi’. After all he lives within two pages of my notebook (sic). ’Care to be my sporadic friend?’

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