How to eat Rambutan

It’s Rambutan season in Sri Lanka! Each kilometer of the pavement is punctuated by heaps of these bright red globes; 15 fruits sold at Rs.100, it is in deed an affordable exotic treat. Let’s argue about the use of the adjective ‘exotic’ to describe Rambutans on a different post. Exotic? Who thinks it’s exotic? Now nevermind that. 

A step by step guide on how to eat Rambutan

Walk with purposeful strides on the streets of Colombo (or anywhere in Sri Lanka during the Malwana season)

Suddenly be caught unawares by a pavement vendor of Rambutans

Be drawn to the heaps of red globular fruit treats, stand in front of the vendor with a grin that spans across the face

Pull out some notes in exchange for a bag of Rambutan

Be on your way home

Be determined not to bite into the shell of a Rambutan, who knows how much dust and muck its hairy red exterior has trapped in its many days in the sun and street

Decide to go home and place an incision on the shell, and gently pop the fruit out, before you pop it in your mouth

Let temptation get the better of you on the way, lose patience, throw caution to the wind, single out a Rambutan and bite its outer shell ram 2

Taste the first trace of its juice, become more impatient, bite harder, use your nails, peel off the shell, pop the fruit right in your mouth


Run your tongue around the juicy globe, feel its velvety texture, its smoothness…

Sink your teeth into its kernel

Experience the delightful explosion of its honey spangled juices. Close your eyes, relish it

Let the juices run down the sides of your mouth, make no attempt to clean the mess. Yet

Swirl the fruit around in your mouth,store it in your right cheek, take pleasure in its silken surface

Bite in some more. Clean the flesh off the seed. Clean it thoroughly with your teeth, leave behind not even a morsel of juicy fruit


Revel in the saccharine induced bliss

Spit out the seed. Glide tongue surreptitiously over lips, and wipe the dripping chin

Enjoy the last droplets of Rambutan juice still lingering in your senses

Miss the bliss already

Pick another Rambutan

Repeat process




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