Let My Elephants Go!

Couple of weeks ago I happened to watch the movie ‘The Legend of Tarzan’. In the middle of its CGI induced mumbo jumbo in the jungle of Congo, lo and behold there appeared this particular scene that made me ANGRY at mankind. A tangible kind of rage; the sort that makes you want to climb the balcony of a Cinema full of people and BOOM.

I wanted to be the voice of god (with a simple g) in the tongue of Moses, stand up against Pharaoh and shout out loud “LET MY ELEPHANTS GO!”

“Unchain them. Set them free. Go find yourself another amusement. Stand on your heads, do tricks on a stool and tell me how it feels. Contort your arm, touch your toe, while standing upside down. Flare your nose, spew out water in a perfect rain shower formation. Do it NOW.”

In this particular scene in the movie, a large herd of wild elephants was marching through the jungle, Tarzan walks up to the herd leader and gently caresses it between its eyes; he then bows his head to it, stands aside and lets the herd sway away.

It was exceedingly majestic. Bring on the thesaurus, throw in your lofty words… grandiose, magnificent, imperial, stately, sublime…
It made me irate that man still enslaves elephants for entertainment and labour.

“Oh ye men of megalomania, let my elephants go. With just a swish of its trunk you’ll be paper pulp. What pompous thoughts for a speck  of dust.”

P.S – Beside other things, my closest friends also call me Atom Ant. I embrace it. I am Atom Ant on a random third Tuesday.     Some days when it is too hot, I want to burn the sun to ashes.









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